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The Piano Sonata No. 2 in F♯ minor, Op. 2 of Johannes Brahms was written in Hamburg, Germany in , and published the year after. Despite being his.
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Garrick Ohlsson piano. Garrick Ohlsson is acclaimed for his performances of Brahms and Chopin on Hyperion. These delightful recordings were originally released on Arabesque. Movement 1: Allegro moderato con spirito ed assai legato.

Sonata No. 2 in D-Flat Major, Op. 7/1 (2nd Movement: Andante con spirito)

Piano Sonata No 2 in G minor, Op 22 composer. View whole album. Other recordings available for download. Everything is played as in the heat of first inspiration, a reflection, perhaps, of a recreative richness mirroring Hewitt's encompassing and versatile repertoire. Few pianists are so brilliantly alive to every passing fancy and whimsicality. Clara wrote in I am enormously excited with the idea of your Second Sonata; it reminds me of so many happy as well as painful hours.

I love it, as I do you. Only one thing.

Piano Sonata No. 2

Do you want to leave the last movement as it was before? Better to change it and make it a bit easier because it is much too difficult. Ce fut le cas pour la Sonate pour piano no 2 en sol mineur op. So hat Vladimir Horowitz Chopin meist sehr romantisch interpretiert, sehr frei. Das war ein unglaublicher Augenblick, in dem er perfekt slawische Melancholie heraufbeschworen hat.

Chopin hat punktgenau gearbeitet. In der neuen Einspielung versuche ich, einige Details zu korrigieren.

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Chopin sagte, dass er Musik ohne Gedanken dahinter nicht akzeptieren kann. Ich nehme diese Behauptung gern als Ausgangsposition. Chopin wurde wegen der Sonatenform im ersten Satz angegriffen, weil er der klassischen Form nicht streng folgte, keine konventionelle Wiederholung ansetzte, sondern einen Abschnitt komponierte, in dem die beiden Hauptthemen zusammenkommen.

Sie sind ein passionierter Schachspieler - beim Schach muss man Partien durchdenken, bevor man sie spielt. Musikalisches Denken ist ein sehr emotionaler Prozess. Es ist aber wichtig, sich mit einem fertigen Gedanken ans Klavier zu setzen. Man ist freier, wenn man nur denkt und nicht spielt.

Kann es sein, dass man sich etwas ausgedacht hat, was am Instrument dann nicht funktioniert? Am Instrument selbst kann alles passieren. Javascript disabled.

Beethoven - Piano Sonata No. 2 in A major - Daniel Barenboim

Site may not work as expected! A master plays masterpieces After his successful Nocturnes album, Pollini turns again to Chopin with a magnificent recording.

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Ballade No. Mazurka No. Waltz No. Impromptu No. Piano Sonata No. Grave - Doppio movimento. Finale Presto. Maurizio Pollini. Total Playing Time English German As his last couple of London recitals have demonstrated, Maurizio Pollini is on magisterial form at the moment, and this carefully planned Chopin sequence, grouping together the works of Opp 34 to 36 with Op 38, provides a document of this golden period in his playing career. He has recorded the two major works here, the second Ballade and the B flat minor Sonata before, but both of these are titanic performances, full of perfectly focused power and high-tensile lyricism.

On this kind of form, Pollini has few pianistic peers in the world today.

As expected, the veteran pianist Pollini goes far beyond surface pleasures in this recital of popular Chopin. His posed 'aristocratic' approach has always suited the repertoire, but this recital goes further: it proves Pollini's stature as one of the greatest Chopin players of his time.

His tone not only sings, but speaks with the eloquence of a great orator. The piano is closely milked. Pollini's interpretation of the Ballade No.

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The Mazurkas and waltzes are rendered simply, energetically and without pretension or excess; the Impromptu is unsentimental yet immensely tender. The Sonata's glories include a chilling transformation of tone in the final moments of the Funeral March and a unison finale played with such fluidity that you can barely hear the individual notes slide into one another.

This disc is coming to my desert island. There seems to be absolutely no mechanical obstruction between the player and the listener. I did not feel as if I were listening to a record at all; I felt the piano right in the room with me, at all dynamic levels. That, in itself, is quite an achievement. One of Pollini's gifts is to make contrasts. Pollini's bold technique makes pieces like the Mazurka in D dance; there's joy in the playing that I have always heard, but never so well recorded.

I'd recommend the recording to any Chopin-liver, including those who already own Pollini's earlier recordings. March Maurizio Pollini is one of the most cerebral -- and dazzling -- pianists of all time. Pollini's catalogue of plus recordings for Deutsche Gramophon includes some wonderfully poetic Schumann, late Beethoven sonatas, and an unrivalled version of Boulez's immense, angry 2nd piano sonata.

CHOPIN Piano Sonata No 2. Preludes. Scherzo No 2 (Tiberghien)

But the heart of it is his Chopin recordings. His recording of the Preludes DG 7 reveal the strange magic of these radical pieces, and the Etudes of 9 are dazzling. A more recent Chopin recording from is worth buying just for the four Mazurkas, which are rhythmically fascinating in a way impossible to define. Die hervorstechenden Merkmale seiner Chopin-Auffassung spiegeln sich auch in diesem Recital wieder. Wie federleicht er den schlichten Melodiebogen im Dur-Mittelteil des Trauermarschs spannt, ist ein Ereignis.