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Vapor flow lag in distillation columns, Chem. HOCK, B. DMC control of a complex refrigerated fractionator, Adv. Control, 44, Improvements in dynamic compartmental modelling for distillation, Comput. Unsteady state behavior of multicomponent distillation columns: part I: simulation, AlChE Journal, 16, Studies on dynamics and control of distillation columns, Ph.

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  7. A fractional order fuzzy PID controller for binary distillation column control.

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    Distillation Column Control

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    Nonlinear analysis in process design, AlChE Journal, 37, Multivariate control of industrial fractionators, Application of multivariable control in an integrated control system. MAH, R. Should a specialist supplier be used? If an inferential proves infeasible, what additional measurements should be installed? Delaying answering these questions until after the APC contract is awarded jeopardises benefit capture. The myths perpetuated by the suppliers of both regression-based inferentials including artificial neural networks and first-principle types are described.

    A reasoned approach is presented as to which technology should be chosen for each case and how external suppliers might be involved. The principles of OLS ordinary least squares regression analysis are explained.

    Distillation PID Control in Simulink (MATLAB)

    This includes the choice of penalty function minimised by regression and the use of Pearson R to assess the accuracy of the resulting correlation. The student is presented with a case study aimed to assess different penalty functions and to identify the limitations of Pearson R.

    This is followed by a second case study in which the advantages of using the adjusted version of Pearson R in assessing how many sets of historical data are required and how many inputs should be used. Issues concerned with the quality of the input data are then addressed, supported by a range of student exercises. This includes how the level of 'scatter' impacts the level of confidence in the resulting correlations, problems associated with data not being collected under steady-state conditions and the importance of accurately time-stamping of measured property.

    Students are given the opportunity to develop dynamically compensated inferentials.

    Loop-Shaping Design - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks Deutschland

    An effective performance index is then described. Students learn through further case studies how it can be used to assess whether a new inferential is sufficiently accurate, how the index can be incorporated into ongoing monitoring and how it helps is assessing the benefit captured.

    A number of real case studies are then presented demonstrating how process engineering knowledge should be included in regressed inferentials. Examples included the derivation of linear and non-linear pressure compensated temperatures for use in the control of distillation columns.

    Distillation Control, Optimization, and Tuning: Fundamentals and Strategies

    This is extended to the use of multiple tray temperatures. The use of WLS weighted least squares regression is described as a means of dealing with suspect measurements. Other case studies show how changes in operating mode or feed type can be incorporated. Automatic bias updating is covered, using a reactor-based case study which is then extended to show how weighted temperatures, space velocity and catalyst activity can be incorporated to make updating redundant.

    Distillation control, optimization, and tuning : fundamentals and strategies

    Perhaps more than any other engineering discipline, process control engineers make extensive use of statistical methods. Embedded in proprietary control design and monitoring software, the engineer may not even be aware of them. The purpose of this module is to draw attention to the importance of statistics throughout all stages of implementation of improved controls — from estimation of the economic benefits, throughout the design phase, ongoing performance monitoring and fault diagnosis. The module starts by explaining the central tendency of data.

    In particular it addresses the importance of accurately determining the mean, since the forms the basis of many statistical calculations. For example, following implementation of a control improvement, small errors in the estimate of before and after values will result in a major error in estimating the improvement. Further, any error in the estimate of the mean will result in overestimating parameters such as standard deviation. In addition to the conventional arithmetic mean, uses of other versions such as the harmonic mean, geometric mean and logarithmic mean are described in detail.